Reclaim, Rejuvenate, Rebalance Your Life

MGSRflowerwith Renée Trudeau and Jen Lemen. This self-paced, four-week online experience is available anytime. 

*Receive daily weekday prompts for four weeks beginning the day you register plus access to the Mother’s Guide Self-Renewal Resource Library.

What if you could actually get off the treadmill of being busy 24/7 with no time left for yourself?

What if you could actually learn how to listen to a deeper source of internal guidance? the kind that empowers you to reclaim your life and take care of yourself in a way that brings balance, focus and energy to your everyday world?

Whether you’re a mother of small children or rediscovering yourself after years of caring for others, Renée Trudeau’s simple yet groundbreaking approach to self-care will give you the permission and practices you need to live your life from a place of peace, power and pure love.

ReneeBioPicA master teacher and beloved guide, Renée lives her message in powerful ways that provide direction, guidance and practical insight for life-changing growth and personal renewal. An internationally recognized life-balance teacher, mother and executive coach, Renée’s approach to self-care in her beloved book, The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal has revolutionized the lives of thousands of women in personal renewal groups around the globe.

Are you ready to experience the joy and delight of self-renewal? Are you ready to explore your hidden sources of guidance and personal power? We’re proud to announce The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal Online Self-Paced Experience with Renée Trudeau and Hopeful World digital publisher, Jen Lemen.

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What Happens When We Renew Ourselves

• We feel more generous and can avoid building resentments toward others who demand our energy and time.

• We naturally feel more loving, which makes us better friends, partners, parents and more enjoyable to be around!

• We validate and honor our own worth, our essence, which naturally enhances confidence and self-esteem and lowers susceptibility to depression and anxiety.

• We feel more alive and whole; we’re able to function at our best and do more of the things we want to do.

• We renew and restore our energy supply and create energy reserves so we’re able to weather unforeseen challenges more easily.

• We’re more present and calm; we can respond wisely, intuitively and effectively to a variety of circumstances.

• We begin to step into our personal power (realizing our potential), which is our birthright.

• We feel good on the inside, which leads to looking good on the outside. Nurturing your essence—inside and out—promotes well-being and vitality.

Curious about how others have been changed by this powerful work? Here’s what people are saying about Renée’s teachings:

As a mother of three, I fell into a common syndrome—take care of everyone else first and letting my needs come last.  Deep down I knew something needed to change, but I didn’t know where to begin. This course taught me how baby steps—like reaching out and asking for help – can have a profound effect on the way I feel about myself and my family. I now get the importance of self-care and ofhaving strong boundaries—particularly around how I manage my time and energy. I now live more in the present and am able to better manage moment to moment what life brings to me. — Liz, mom

“The program is a catalyst for daily insight and growth, and has allowed me to rediscover my true self by giving myself ‘back to me.’”
— Laura, leadership director at Fortune 500 company

“It’s simply wonderful to see the expressions and hear the voices of people who have an ‘aha!’ moment and thus become less fearful or alone in their existence.
— Madelyn, wellness coach

“A friend introduced me to The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal when my kids were young. The messages in the book really hit home and validated my conflicted feelings as a new mom. The pure blissful love. And, the frustration. I immediately signed up for one of Renée’s weekend self-renewal retreats to learn more and was shocked to meet so many women (ages 25-65) that were also struggling with the concept of self-care and worthiness.
—Sara Bogan,

You’ll Experience

leaf• support for reconnecting with “who you are”
• daily resources and tools for enhancing life balance
• tools and strategies for self-renewal
• paradigm-shifting perspectives to make self-renewal a permanent practice in your everyday world
• Renée’s soothing and nurturing voice guiding you in simple car-pool friendly meditations
• engaging audio kitchen table conversations with Renée and Jen
• community and connection with like-minded women

What You’ll Receive

Powerful lessons from Renée and Jen published over four weeks that you can engage with at your own pace
The opportunity to interact with fellow participants around each lesson in the private forum
Exercises and activities that will challenge and support you to embody your discoveries and learning


Exclusive, never before published self-care meditations from Renée
Four 30-minute audio mp3 downloads to listen to on your computer, on your iPod, in your car, or in the comfort of your home.
A downloadable PDF to keep you on track with your self-care practice

Start your self-care journey today! 

“Of all the books on balance, this is the very best one. Practical, clear and true, it invites you to engage deeply with your own experience. Only then can the superb guidance that Renée provides find its way out of your mind and into your life.”
— Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., Author of Minding the Body, Mending the Mind and Inner Peace for Busy Women

“I love your book!!! Loving mothers are self-loving mothers; Renée’s book informs, supports and completely inspires this essential journey. This book is a jewel!”
— SARK, best-selling author of Succulent Wild Woman and Make Your Creative Dreams Real

“What a glorious, loving, eloquent guide to the life-bestowing gifts of self-care. I can’t imagine a more important gift to give to a mother or anyone working with parents. This book will help women feel so much less alone and so much more capable of holding onto their souls in the midst of the relentless beauty of parenting.”
— Jennifer Louden, author of The Woman’s Comfort Book and The Pregnant Woman’s Comfort Book

“A wonderful guide to creating a vibrant and soulful life. Highly and enthusiastically recommended to Mothers and Fathers.”
— Richard Carlson, best-selling author of Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff…and it’s all small stuff

Your Gentle Guides

reneeandjenbwRenée Peterson Trudeau is an internationally-recognized life balance teacher/speaker. But most importantly, Renée lives what she teaches. Her daily practice of self-care has transformed not only her life but the lives of thousands of women all over the world. Read more about Renée.

Jen Lemen is the co-founder of Hopeful World, a community of teachers, mentors and guides dedicated to the listening path. Jen is a seasoned guide herself and in the process of creating this online experience, benefited first-hand from applying Renée’s life-changing self-care principles every day.  Read more about Jen.

Feedback on Renée’s Teaching Style and classes

pickingflowerI love your interactive teleclasses. I had no idea a workshop via telephone could be so powerful. I really appreciate the way you blend teaching time with group participation, solo exercises and create a space where we all feel comfortable sharing insights and ah-has. You are authentic, accessible and down-to-earth. I also like the class structure. You keep us on track and focused while offering tips and practices we can incorporate into our everyday lives. Powerful stuff—I find I listen to these classes again and again. Highly recommended! —Joanna

I could listen to you for hours. Your voice and teaching style is calm, reassuring, empowering and wise. I usually don’t do teleclasses, but you’ve convinced me: when done right, they’re powerful and life-changing! I listen to your telecourse again and again to remind me to stay true to my vision for how I want to “be.” The resources and tools you provided were incredible. Thank you Renée! —Robin

Renée lives what she teaches and that goes a long way in delivering an authentic presentation. Our group was very inspired and moved by what we learned and are eager to start integrating Renée’s insights into our everyday lives. I came away from my experience with Renée with energy and the necessary tools to really make some important changes in my life. I strongly recommend Renée’s work to anyone who is struggling with life-balance issues or anyone who thinks they are balanced! I look forward to our next engagement with Renée. —Colleen, professional development director, Young President’s Organization

Course Material

MGSR-coverRequired: The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal by Renée Peterson Trudeau, available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle editions.

The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal Online Experience is published in collaboration with Hopeful World and subject to Hopeful World’s Privacy Policy and Refund/Cancellation Policy. Please contact us for any questions about this program.